Gardening Calendar Workbook

12+ printable templates to plan and crush your #GardeningGoals in style.

This Printable Custom Gardening Calendar Workbook will give you complete, easy-to-follow (and beautiful) instructions for creating a custom gardening calendar. The workbook also has over 12 blank templates you can print to plan your gardening activities.

Gardening Calendar Workbook$20


Organize your Gardening Tasks 

Accomplish your #GardeningGoals 

Beautifully Designed, Interactive Workbook 

Unlimited Printing & Plan Making 

12+ Blank, Printable Templates 

Templates Included in this 30 Page Workbook

These are the templates included in the workbook.
You can print copies of these as many times as you'd like. 

How To Use This Guide

Instructions for Warmer Climates

Big Goals Worksheet

Small Goals Worksheet

Look Up Your Frost Dates

Create a Growing List What I’m Growing Worksheet

Fill In Your Calendar (Examples for Pre-Season, Early-Season, Mid-Season, Late-Season and Post-Season Tasks)

Big Goals Worksheet (no text)

Small Goals Worksheet (no text)

What I’m Growing Worksheet (no text) 

Task Checklist Worksheet (no text) 

2 Column Task Checklist Worksheet (no text) 

6 & 12 Block Planning Worksheets

Blank Calendar Worksheet with 5 rows and 7 columns 

Squares Planning Worksheets (7 rows of 7 squares, 4 rows of 4 squares, 2 rows of 2 squares)

Blank Worksheet with Heading Area and Floral Borders

Blank Worksheet with No Heading Area and Floral Borders

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Amy Fedele, Founder of

I’m Amy and I teach garden lovers how to design impressively beautiful landscapes that are colorful in all four seasons, show off your personality and suit your lifestyle.

I have a diploma in Garden Design and Maintenance and I am also a professional graphic designer and (obviously) a garden lover. I’ve been teaching garden design for nearly a decade and have been featured by lots of publications like The Spruce, HomeTalk, Country Living Magazine, The Family Handyman, BuzzFeed and more! 

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